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Strengthening Relationships
and Sex Education


For Parents/Carers

We work directly with educators (Teachers, Youth Workers, School Nurses etc.) to help them provide your child with high quality relationships and sex education (RSE). If you think we would benefit your child’s setting – do pass on our details! info@rsehub.org.uk

The RSE Hub respects the incredibly important role that parents and carers play in educating children and young people on relationships and sex education.  This type of education is best carried out in partnership with schools and the wider community.  The RSE Hub's experience, alongside research, shows that engaging parents and carers in a RSE programme is key and supports in giving children and young people the opportunity to talk openly. 

It is also important that parents and carers have access to information that is consistent and is from a trusted source.  We would encourage you to find out the latest information on what is included in your child’s relationship and sex education,  to extend the consistent messaging at home and giving children and young people the opportunity to talk openly.

Talking openly with your children will help them to:

  • Have the confidence to talk to their partners about sex, relationships and contraception
  • Delay their first sexual experience
  • Practise safer sex
  • avoid unintended pregnancies  and sexually transmitted infections
  • to identify healthy relationships.

More information for parents can be found at the links below:

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4ypbristol for Parents

Cornwall Healthy Schools resources for parents and carers

Speakeasy courses to help parents talk to their children about relationships and sex.



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