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Strengthening Relationships
and Sex Education


The Quality Review Framework

The RSE Hub has developed ‘The Quality Review Framework for RSE’ which enables schools to review and develop their relationships and sex education (RSE) provision and to ensure that they are effectively meeting young people’s entitlement in this essential area of learning.

The quality review framework is available in three versions. A primary review or secondary review for primary or secondary schools respectively.   These two reviews cover the core and quality standards for RSE, the core being the minimum standards all schools should achieve and the quality builds on from the core, to outline the aspects of RSE provision that add worth and value.  There is also a third option of a more in-depth review for secondary schools that are new to delivering relationships and sex education.  All the reviews can be completed as a self review process or a peer review process in partnership with another school. Already highly praised by schools that have undertaken the process, the peer review option enables schools them to mutually learn and benefit from each other.


You can view purchase each of the Quality Review Framework documents in our resources section where you can also download a free sample of each of the resources.  If you are interested in finding out more about quality assurance and bulk purchasing or training options please contact us info@rsehub.org.uk.

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